Once Upon a Mattress Cast Announced!

Thank you everyone for auditioning! The production team has chosen to cast all that auditioned.

If you are in K- 5th grade, Congratulations – you are our Curtain Warmers!!

Minstrel – Elliott Turner
Princess No. 12 – Bekah Shimer
Wizard – Craig Millard
Lady Larken – Susan Leigh
Queen Aggravain – Wanda Becton
Prince Dauntless – Jonathan Leyson
King Seximus the Silent – Gene McLendon
Jester – Clay Raines
Sir Harry – Michael Manning
Princess Winnifred the Woebegone – Jennifer Lane
Sir Studley – Daniel Toler
Lady Mabelle – Rebecca Flores
Nightengale of Smarkand – Crystlynne Ritchie

Lady Rowena – Allayna Decker
Lady Merrill – Cassie Erdmann
Lady Lucille – Brooke King
Lady Helena – Danielle Gutierrez
Lady Sarah – TBA

Knights, Kitchen Wench, Chambermaid, soldiers, Servants, Musicians will be cast during the first few rehearsals.

Everyone please come to Wayne Community College (Dogwood 201 – Same room as auditions) on Monday 6:30pm for announcements, paperwork, and general information.

Please contact Christie Mayo (Producer) at (919) 222-2917 or onceuponamattress15@gmail.com with any questions.

Reserved Seating tickets are already on sale at the Paramount Theatre Box Office. Tell your family and friends to get their tickets early! Visit www.GoldsboroParamount.com/onceuponamattress.aspx or call (919) 583-8432 to order today!

The Cast of Cheaper by the Dozen

The Cast of Cheaper by the Dozen (2015)

Mr. Gilbreth (Dad) – Dr. Roy Heidicker
Mrs. Gilbreth (Mom) – Judine Heidicker
Ms. Fitzgerald (Housekeeper) – Sandra Evans
Dr. Burton – Dan Millard
Miss Brill (Teacher) – Sue Nobers
Older Frank – Trevor Rice
Older Ernestine – Cassie Erdmann
Ann – Bekah Shimer
Young Ernestine – Mackenzie Malham
Martha – Allayna Decker
Young Frank – Nick Froats
Bill – Krais Brown
Lillian – Arwen Willis
Fred – Riley Mesimer
Dan – David Santillana
Jackie – Ryan Brown
Jenny – Olivia Lancaster
Roberta – Alaina Lancaster
Larry – Heath Radford
Joe Scales – Brandyn Espinoza

The Cast of A Christmas Carol (2014)

The Cast of Center Stage Theatre’s Seventh Annual Production of A Christmas Carol

Michael Elisabeth Adams (Narrator)
Keith Parrish (Ebenezer Scrooge)
John Clifton (The Ghost of Jacob Marley)
Anne Stuart Freemon (The Ghost of Christmas Past)
Michael Corbitt (The Ghost of Christmas Present)
Clay Raines (The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come)
Kenan Stewart (Fred)
Brett Taylor (Bob Cratchit)
Rebecca Lancaster (Emily Cratchit)
Lewis Langston (Tiny Tim Cratchit)
Benjamin Albritton (Peter Cratchit)
McKailen Santillana (Martha Cratchit)
Theresa Santillana (Belinda Cratchit)
Mary Allison Watkins (Priscilla Cratchit)
Olivia Lancaster (Abigail Cratchit)
Brandyn Espinoza (Richard Wilkins/Charles Wilkins/Fred Guest/Fezziwig Guest)
Michael Manning (Young Scrooge/Assistant Director)
Jordan Ferraro (Belle)
Gene McLendon (Mr. Fezziwig)
Tyanna Yonkers (Mrs. Fezziwig)
Lindsey Beasley (Sally)

Nick Froats (Youngest Scrooge/Fezziwig Guest)
Julie Ham (Charity Person/Fezziwig Guest)
Heath Radford (Charity Person/Fred Guest/Fezziwig Guest)
Louise Gurley (Fan)
Isabel Howell (Jane/Townsperson)
Leigha Atkinson (Want)
Michalye (Micky) Lenzi (Ignorance)
Allayna Decker (Businesswoman/Fezziwig Guest/Fred Guest)
Karen Howell (Businesswoman/Fred Guest/Townsperson
Anne Merritt (Businesswoman/Townsperson/Londoner)
Melissa Watkins (Mrs. Wilkins)
Debbie McLendon (Charwoman/Fezziwig Guest)
Daniel Jones (Old Joe/Townsperson)
Krissy Jones (Laundress/Townsperson)
Jeff Zhang (Undertaker/Fred Guest/Fezziwig Guest/Townsperson)

Tyler Isley (Topper/Fezziwig Guest)
Curtis Phillips (Poulterer/Fred Guest/Fezziwig Guest)
Karen Gray (Fred Guest/Townsperson/Londoner)
Kira Royal (Fezziwig Daughter/Topper’s Girl)
Bekah Shimer (Fezziwig Daughter)
David Langston (Willie
Chloe Langston (Young Caroler)
Lily Langston – (Young Caroler)

Saquoia Richardson (Fezziwig Guest)
Eliza Jones (Townsperson)

Kristian Jones (Townsperson)
Raelynn Clark (Young Caroler)
Catherine Freemon (Young Caroler)
Anna Uzzell (Young Caroler)
Nathan Taylor (James, Caroling Boy)
Noah Shaw (Student)
David Santillana (Student)
William Watkins (Student)

The Crew:
Director –
Vincent Bridgers
Assistant Director – Michael Manning
Dance Choreography – Shelton Carter (Fezziwig Dance) and Dr. Charles Zwerling (Waltz)
Producer – Anne Angelo
Stage Manager – Charlie Taylor
Assistant Stage Manager – Cathy Woods
Stage Crew – Olivia Durfey, Shawn Howell, Connor Shaw, Morgan Stoneking, and Megan Sullivan
Costumes – Heather Kaye
Assistant Costumer – Kylie Atkinson
Props Manager – Sandra Evans
Props Helper – David Langston
Set – Gene McLendon
Set Construction – Allayna Decker, Leigh Howell, Debbie McLendon, Gene McLendon, and Needham Park
Specialty Makup – Jessica Fields
Marley Prosthetic – Hoepner Special Effects Makeup



2013-2014 Herman Award Winners

2013-2014 Herman Award Winners
Best Special Performance by an Actor – Jim Grant as Guy of Gisbourne in Robin Hood
Best Special Performance by an Actress – Sue Nobers as Ouiser in Steel Magnolias
Best Vocal Performance in a Musical by an Actor – Donald Sutton in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Best Vocal Performance in a Musical by an Actress – Susan Leigh in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Best Performance by a Supporting Actor – Clay Raines as Will Gamwell/Scarlet in Robin Hood
Best Performance by a Supporting Actress – Jennifer Lane as Truvy in Steel Magnolias
Best Performance by a Leading Actor – Vincent Bridgers as Robin Hood in Robin Hood
Best Performance by a Leading Actress – Lauren Bridgers as Maid Marian in Robin Hood
Katherine Costa Award for Best Choreography – Heather Kaye and Shelton Carter for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Best Costume Design – Donna Forehand for Robin Hood
Best Scenic Design – Joe Collins for Robin Hood
The Rich and KJ Bernstein Award for Technical Direction – A Christmas Carol:
Donald Sutton, Assistant Director; Anne Angelo, Producer; Charlie Taylor, Stage Manager;
Lauren Bridgers, Props; and Vincent Bridgers, Special Effects
Best Director – Vincent Bridgers for A Christmas Carol

Additional Awards
Director’s Award for Robin Hood – Jim Grant
Director’s Award for A Christmas Carol – Donald Sutton
Director’s Award for Steel Magnolias – Rick Dills
Director’s Award for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (ABRIDGED) – Luis Blanco
Director’s Award for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Mike Saviak
Shannon Horton Award – Donald Sutton
Fran Newby Award – Anne Merritt
President’s Award – Rick Dills