Board and Committees

2016-2017 Center Stage Theatre Executive Board
President – Cathy Woods
Vice-President – Heath Radford
Treasurer – Karen Parrish
Secretary – Wanda Becton
Each position on the CST executive board is nominated and voted upon annually by membership. Click here to learn more about CST membership.

2016-2017 General Board Members
Sandra Evans, Heath Radford, Kenan Stewart & Elliott Turner
The four General Board Member positions in CST are two-year positions with two board members are appointed by the Executive Board and two nominated and voted upon by membership.

Past President
Vincent Bridgers

Committee Chairs
House Manager – Vacant
Membership – Anne Merritt; Tamara Ashley
Fundraising – Vacant
Marketing – Vacant
Warehouse Manager – Gene McLendon & Needham Park
Wardrobe Manager – Sandra Evans & Heather Kaye
Properties Manager – Deanne Morris
Historian – Deanne Morris & Debby Libby
Committee Chairs are a one year position with CST appointed by the Board are reviewed annually.

Other Annual Committees
Play Selection, Herman Awards Banquet, Christmas Parade, Chili Cookoff