One Acts Cast List!

Congratulations to the 2017 CST One Acts Cast!
PLEASE email: to let me know if you accept your role(s). I will use your response to create an email grouping for this show. I will send out electronic script copies as soon as I have the email grouping.  Everyone will also receive a rehearsal schedule.  Due to a recent booking at the Museum, we will not have rehearsal this evening EXCEPT POSSIBLY the Nora cast. I am awaiting confirmation of a rehearsal venue.



  1. Runaway Train

*Lilly (also serves as Narrator): Danielle Brown

*Saboteur (no name, but implied female): Debbie McLendon

5 non speaking passengers:  Langston Family


  1. Frog and Me

*Female narrator:  Jennifer Pittman 

*Frogman:  Greg Sullivan


  1. Hen House

*Six Chickens

Martha:  Stephanie Slusser

Rhonda: Allayna Decker

Tiffany:  Sequilla Arita

Ginny:  Linda Sampson

Anna:  Susan Bowmer

Kelly:  Jennifer Pittman

*The Cock (Male):  Gene McLendon 

The Ratt:  Martin Meija

The Wolf:  Jason Pittman


  1. He’s Perfect: 

*Beth:  Sequilla Arita 

*Bart:  David Langston

*Cathy:  Tamara Baltazar

*Carl:  Krais Brown

Debbie:  Anne Merritt

Ethel:  Susan Bowmer

Anne:  Patty Gabriel


  1. Park Bench

*Julie:  Allayna Decker 

*Stranger (male):  Jason Pittman



  1. Wake Up Call

Patricia:  Morgan Pettigrew

Dr. Stein:  Jason Pittman

Nurse Gore:  Anne Merritt


  1. The Audition

Mr. Wolf:  Kenan Stewart


1: Morgan Pettigrew

2:  Alayna Decker

3:  Jennifer Langston

  1. Hold the Pickles

Steve: Martin Meija

Pickles:  Andrew Ryan Brown

Narrator:  Joan Hackmann


  1. Helpful Hank

Hank:  Keith Davis

Henrietta:  Stephanie Slusser

Marietta:  Alexandra Brown

Crank:  Lewis Langston

Vincent:  Kenan Stewart

Henchmen 1:  David Langston

and 2: Krais Brown

Message Board:  Debbie McLendon

Chorus Girls 1: Morgan Pettigrew

2:  Anne Merritt

3:  Tamara Baltazar


  1. Zachary’s War Stories

Royce: Doc Heidicker

Judy:  Joan Hackmann



  1. Misdemeanor, Felony, Life (3 short monologues)

Emily #1 (early 20’s years):  Morgan Pettigrew

Emily #2 (30’s years):  Tamara Baltazar

Emily #3 (60’s years): Patty Gabriel


  1. The Stick Up

Bank Robbers:

Dan (leader. focused and smart. short tempered):  Nolan Sampson

Marion (the mouth. smart and witty):  Keith Davis

Eugene (the muscle. simple minded.):  Martin Meija


Samantha (bank teller. has no lines. expression and   reaction important.):  Sequilla Arita

Maryanne (young. stereotypical ditzy cheerleader):  Makayla Sampson

Stanley (bank customer. believes he’s more intelligent than  he is.):  Greg Sullivan

Robert (Bank manager. Wimp.):  Allayna Decker

Patricia (Motherly type):  Debbie McLendon


  1. Boy and Girl

Betty (Sam’s sister and cafe companion):  Jennifer Pittman

Sam (Betty’s brother, cafe companion, and dressed as a female):  Gene McLendon

Bert (Stephanie’s brother and cafe companion):  Martin Meija

Stephanie (Bert’s sister, cafe companion, and dressed as a male):  Sequilla Arita


  1. Weird Greg

Anne (store manager):  Linda Sampson

Greg/Weird Greg (clerk):  Keith Davis

Customer #1 or Mike (a man looking for a divorce book. married to Mallory):  Doc Heidicker

Voice (for SnapChat. phone ring. cell phone game. cell phone notification sound)

Jack (Nancy’s boyfriend. customer):  Gene McLendon

Nancy (Jack’s girlfriend. customer):  Debbie McLendon

Mallory (customer looking for a divorce book. married to  Mike):  Susan Bowmer

“Person on Phone” or Jill:  Makayla Newcomb

Gilda (another person who calls the book store):  Jordan Therrien


  1. Nora The Explorer

Narrator/Writer:  Makayla Sampson

Nora (main adventurer):  Danielle Brown

Flip-Flop (Nora’s side kick and pretending to be a monkey):  Nolan Sampson

Badge the Robot (a person dressed like a robot):  Jordan Therrien

Flash Fetchum (similar to main boy character in Pokeman.         blue/white striped shirt. red baseball cap. backpack):  Isaac Therrien

Achoo (similar to Pikachu  the yellow rabbit-squirrel looking character):  Canaan Therrien

Badge the Dog (a person dressed as a Paw Patrol police dog):Makayla Newcomb