Bye Bye Birdie Cast List Announcement

Congratulations to everyone cast in Center Stage Theatre’s production of Bye Bye Birdie. Please send a confirmation email to to accept your role. All other speaking roles will be determined at a later date. Please check your email (after you accept your role ) for the time and place of our first read through on Monday evening. Those currently in another production need not attend anything Bye Bye Birdie related until March 6th. Break a Leg!!


Albert Peterson – Elliott Turner

Rosie Alvarez – Brooke Mayo

Helen – Mary Grace Kearney

Teen Chorus/Ensemble –

     Austin Pate

     Bekah Shimer

     Ben Sornyota

     Cliff Flock

     David Langston

     Emma Herlong

     Kimber Williams

     Kirsten Stoneking

     Keagan Kermode

     Makayla Sampson    

     Natalie Slye

     Nathan Taylor

     Nicholas Froats

     Nicolas Toner

     Raelynn Clark

     Sequoia Richardson

     Smith Cooper

     Theresa Santillana

Ursula Merkle – Danielle Mayo

Kim MacAfee– Kearson Hudson

Mrs. Doris MacAfee – Cindy Roy

Mr. Harry MacAfee – Michael Corbitt

Randolph MacAfee – Nolan Sampson

Mrs. Mae Peterson – Wanda Becton

Conrad Birdie – Kenan Stewart

Hugo Peabody – Raiford Turner

Mayor – Gene McLendon

Mayor’s Wife – Debbie McLendon

Mrs. Merkle – Linda Sampson

Nancy – Catherine Freemon

Gloria Rasputin – Heather Kaye

Ed Sullivan (Voice) – Heath Radford

Mr. Johnson – Heath Radford

Quartet –

     Maude – Wayne Williams

     Maude Dishwasher – Brandyn Espinoza

     Maude’s 1st Customer – Heath Radford

     Maude’s 2nd Customer – Keagan Kermode

Alice – Esmi Sanchez

Margie – Akaysia Sutton

Harvey Johnson – Austin Goff

Deborah Sue – Cindy Kaye

Suzie – Emily Polashek

Various Voices –

     Fred – Cliff Flock

     Lee – Brandyn Espinoza

     Phyllis – Phyllis Brown

     Four Additional Voices –

         Bekah Shimer

         Heath Radford

         Keagan Kermode

         Morgan Pettigrew

   Parent – Allayna Decker

Penelope – Jasmine Brown

 Train Conductor – Omar Arita

New Yorkers –

     Allayna Decker

   Anne Merritt

     Morgan Pettigrew

     Phyllis Brown

     Rebekah Fitzgerald

     Stephanie Slusser

     Sequilla Arita

Reporters –

       Curtis Phillips

       Martin Mejia



2 Sad Girls –

Gabriella Carrasquillo

   Leah Turner

Stage Crew for TV Show –

     Stage Manager – Keith Davis

     Stage Hands –

     2 Audio Men –

       Ben Sornyota (Microphone )

       Nick Froats (Camera Operator)

     2 Wardrobe Women –

         Adore Clark

         Stephanie Slusser

Sweet Apple Shriners –

    Brandyn Espinoza

     Curtis Phillips

     Gene McLendon

     Heath Radford

     Keagan Kermode

     Keith Davis

     Martin Mejia

Adult Ensemble

   Adore Clark

     Allayna Decker

     Anne Merritt

     Cory Wellmer

     Curtis Phillips

     Keith Davis

     Martin Mejia

     Morgan Pettigrew

     Omar Arita

     Phyllis Brown

     Rebecca Flores

     Sequilla Arita

     Stephanie Slusser


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