Important Christmas Carol Audition Information

Hello everyone! Please be aware that auditions for Christmas Carol are tonight and tomorrow (October 18-19) beginning at 6:30 pm at the Wayne County Museum in Downtown Goldsboro instead of Wayne Community College. WCC is closed until Thursday due to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, so we look forward to seeing you at the Wayne County Museum instead.


We want to let you know that our performance of Sylvia has been postponed indefinitely. We will be talking with the cast, crew, and our patrons to try and find another date in the season for when we will be able to perform this show, and we will let you know as soon as that information becomes available.

At the moment, no decision has been made to further delay auditions for Christmas Carol, but we will let you know as soon as there is more information.

The safety of our performers and supporters is of utmost importance to us. We hope everyone continues to be safe following Hurricane Matthew.


Due to the severe conditions following Hurricane Matthew, our scheduled membership meeting will no longer be held tomorrow, October 10, but will be held on October 17 instead.

Also, auditions for A Christmas Carol have also been pushed back a week from October 11-12 to October 18-19.

As previously stated, today’s performance of Sylvia has been cancelled and rescheduled for next weekend, October 14-15.

We appreciate your understanding in all of this as safety to our members and our patrons is very important to all of us.


Due to the threat of severe weather and flooding from Hurricane Matthew, tonight and tomorrow’s performances of Sylvia will be cancelled. We are planning to reschedule them for next Friday and Saturday (October 14-15). If you had tickets for tonight or tomorrow, we will honor them at those performances. We appreciate your understanding, and we take pride in insuring the safety of our performers and our patrons. Please stay safe and we hope to see you tomorrow at the show.

Auditions for A Christmas Carol are Approaching!

We are excited to cast our Ninth Annual production of A Christmas Carol! This is the timeless story of Ebenezer Scrooge and his search for redemption and the true meaning of Christmas as he is visited by three spirits who take him on a magical journey! We are looking for a great cast to take that ride along with Scrooge! So please join us for auditions so you can be a part of a terrific show that has become a staple of the holiday season in Wayne County!
Audition Details:
October 18 & 19, 2016 starting at 6:30pm
Dogwood 201 at Wayne Community College
300 Wayne Memorial Drive, Goldsboro, NC
A Christmas Carol (Ninth Annual) production dates:
December 9-10, 2016 at 7:30 pm
December 11, 2016 at 3:00 pm
at the Paramount Theatre (139 South Center Street, Downtown Goldsboro). Individual and Season Tickets on sale now at or over the phone at (919) 583-8432

2015-2016 Herman Winners Announced!

Here are the winners for the 2015-2016 Herman Awards!

Best Show of the Season: Fiddler on the Roof

Best Direction of a Play or Musical: Jayson Keeton, Fiddler on the Roof

Best Set: Bill Royall, Fiddler on the Roof

Best Costuming: Heather Kaye, Fiddler on the Roof

Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play or Musical: Michael Manning, Fiddler on the Roof

Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play or Musical: Susan Leigh, Fiddler on the Roof

Best Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Play or Musical: Clay Raines, Fiddler on the Roof

Best Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Play or Musical: Allayna Decker, The Pajama Game

Best Special Performance by an Actor in a Play or Musical: Gene McLendon, Fiddler on the Roof

Best Special Performance by an Actress in a Play or Musical: Katlyn Batts, Fiddler on the Roof

Best Vocal Performance by an Actor in a Musical: Elliott Turner, The Pajama Game

Best Vocal Performance by an Actress in a Musical: Bailey Sutton, The Pajama Game

The Katherine Costa Award for Best Choreography: Lauren Bridgers, Fiddler on the Roof

The Rich and KJ Bernstein Production Team Award: Mike Saviak, Anne Angelo, Anne Merritt, Lauren Cooper, Megan Sullivan; Fiddler on the Roof

Lifetime Achievement Award: Fran Newby

Fran Newby Award: Debbie McLendon

Shannon Horton Award: Bekah Shimer

Newcomer Award: Emily Polashek

President’s Award: Karen Parrish

The Pajama Game Director’s Award: Anne Merritt

Vintage Hitchcock Director’s Award: Lilly Langston

A Christmas Carol Director’s Award: Wanda Becton

Moon Over Buffalo Director’s Award: Karen Parrish

Fiddler on the Roof Director’s Award: Mike Saviak

Sylvia Cast Announced!

We are very pleased to announce the cast for our upcoming show, Sylvia! The show will be held October 7-9 at the Wayne County Museum. Tickets are on sale NOW for the show, so start spreading the word. Tickets can also be purchased over the phone at (919) 583-8432 or in-person at the Paramount Box Office located inside the theatre at 139 South Center Street in Historic Downtown Goldsboro.

Sylvia: Nicole Weintraub

Greg: Thomas Mejia

Kate: Cindy Roy

Tom/Phyllis/Leslie: Keith Parrish


We are please to announce the cast for 39th season opener – Into the Woods! We were blown away by the local talent we received! Over the next few days we will be collecting a chorus for the show so more of you can be involved. If there are any questions, please email for more information. Tickets are on sale NOW for the show, so start spreading the word. Tickets can also be purchased over the phone at (919) 583-8432 or in-person at the Paramount Box Office located inside the theatre at 139 South Center Street in Historic Downtown Goldsboro

Into the Woods Cast

The Narrator/Cinderella’s Mother – Wanda Becton
The Witch – Susan Leigh
The Baker – Clay Boney
The Baker’s Wife – Sara Potter
Cinderella – Bekah Shimer
Cinderella’s Step Mother – Tyanna Yonkers
Florinda (Step Sister) – Michael Adams
Lucinda (Step Sister) – Isabelle Moore
Cinderella’s Prince – Jim Grant
Steward – Caleb Turik
Rapunzel’s Prince – John Cullen Grantham
Rapunzel – Emily Polashek
Red Riding Hood – Emma Herlong
The Wolf – Eli Bradley
Granny – Allayna Decker
Jack – Keagan Kermode
Jack’s Mom – Linda Sampson
Milky White – Olivia Durfey
Harp – Cassie Erdmann
Mysterious Old Man – Clifton Cuddington

Wayne Summer Literacy Theatre Audition and Performance Information

Hi everyone! We wanted to let you know about an upcoming audition opportunity for the Wayne Summer Literacy Theatre! This is a collaboration of Center Stage Theatre and the Wayne County Public Library. Auditions are for children ages 8-12 and will be held this Friday, July 8th, at 3 pm at the Weil Auditorium in the Goldsboro Library (located on Ash Street).The performance of this program will be on Friday, July 29th, at the Parks and Recreation Auditorium at 903 E Ash Street, Goldsboro! Rehearsals will be held Mondays from 6-8pm, Wednesday’s (7/13 & 7/27, 12-2p and 7/20, 6-8pm), and Friday’s 4-6pm.
In collaboration with Center Stage, the library will serve as the location for this new summer event. Children will read and rehearse a short play as well as be introduced to theatre technique. The intent is to encourage children to read during the summer and to give them an opportunity to participate in a theatrical production. The props, set, and costumes will be very simple. There is no cost for children to participate. All parents are asked to remain on the library grounds and are welcome to observe the activity. For more information, email
We hope to see some talented young people at auditions, and we hope to see all of you at the performance!

Sylvia Audition Information

The auditions for Sylvia will be held on July 25th and 26th. They will begin at 6:30 pm and last until 8:00 pm. The auditions will take place at the Wayne County Museum, located at 116 N William street in Downtown Goldsboro.  For those who plan to audition, they will be asked to read excerpts from the script for their auditions. Rehearsals will begin the week of August 22nd, and the show will take place October 7th through October 9th at the Wayne County Museum.
  • Sylvia: female 20 – 30, sexy, bouncy
  • Greg:  male     40 – 50, business like
  • Kate:   female  40 – 50,  Greg’s wife, business like
  • Tom/Phyllis/Lesile: male 30 – 50, (plays three roles 1 male, 2 female) cross dressing is a must
Play Synopsis
Greg and Kate have moved to Manhattan after twenty two years of child-raising in the suburbs.  Greg’s career as a financial trader is winding down, while Kate’s career, as a public-school English teacher, is beginning to offer her more opportunities.  Greg brings home a dog he found in the park – or that has found him – bearing only the name “Sylvia” on her name tag. 
A street smart mixture of Lab and Poodle, Sylvia becomes a major bone of contention between husband and wife.   She offers Greg an escape from the frustrations of his job and the unknowns of middle age.  To Kate, Sylvia becomes a rival for affection.  And Sylvia thinks Kate just doesn’t understand the relationship between man and dog.  
The marriage is put into serious jeopardy until, after a series of hilarious and touching complications, Greg and Kate learn to compromise, and Sylvia becomes a valued part of their lives.
We look forward to seeing many people at auditions and at the show!