Wizard of Oz cast announced

Congratulations to the cast of Wizard of Oz! If you are listed as one of the first 12 people (with the exception of Toto), we would like to have our first read-through on Wednesday at 6:30. We will be meeting at Faith Alliance Church located at 3203 Cashwell Drive.

We will have our first full cast meeting and possible additional read through on Thursday at 6:30. This meeting will also be at Faith Alliance Church at 3203 Cashwell Drive. This meeting is extremely important as there is a great deal of information to cover. Parents of children under the age of 18 must attend with their child(ren). Bring your calendars with you please as we will be discussing some choreography and music rehearsals.

Wizard of Oz

Cast of Characters

Dorothy Gale – Olivia Simmons

Toto – Nick Williams

Aunt Em (Emily Gale) – Janelle Donovan

Glinda – (The Good Witch of the North) – Wanda Becton

Wicked Witch of the West – Hallie Hulse Evans

Uncle Henry (Henry Gale) – Gene McClendon

Emerald City Guard – Josh Hicks

Zeke (Farmhand, Cowardly Lion) – Luis Blanco

Hickory (Farmhand, Tinman) – Heath Radford

Hunk (Farmhand, Scarecrow) – Thomas Price

Miss Almira Gulch – Linda Sampson

Professor Chester Marvel (The Wizard of Oz) – Geoff Hulse

4 Crows – Jordan Therrien, Aly Yerkes, Esmilagro Sanchez, Makayla Newcomb

Three Trees – Kirsten Stoneking, Jasmin Brown, Mariam Caughron

Munchkins: Mia Alvarado, Raelee Boren, Anna Brown, Andrew Brown, Danielle Brown, Gabriella Carrasquillo, Harrison Cooper, Hayden Garmane, Jackson Garmane, Christian Gilbert, Gabbie Hawk, Isabella Houston, Lillith Howell, Marissa Kemp, Fe Sanchez, Ashlyn Sexton, Cash Whitley, Kylie Yerkes

Mayor – Danielle Brown

Coroner – Mia Alvarado

Barrister – Gabbie Hawk

2 City Fathers – Harrison Cooper, Andrew Brown

3 Tough Guys (Lollipop Guild) – Jackson Garmane, Christian Gilbert, Cash Whitley

Lullaby League – Raelee Boren, Hayden Garmane, Marissa Kemp, Fe Sanchez

Fiddler – TBD

Braggart – Harrison Cooper

2 School Teachers –Lillith Howell; TBD

Poppies – Knateleigh Asbill, Leigha Atkinson, Chase Barbour, Landon Brady, Lillian Brady, Leah Frederick, Eli Ham, Isaac Ham, Ella Howell, Avery McLamb, Liam Rocha, Piper Shoop, Isaac Therrien

Snowflakes – Sophia Bean, Canaan Therrien, Allison Boren

Ozians: Doc Heidicker, Kenan Stewart, Brian Shoop, Debbie Shoop, Megan Williams, Tiffany Alvarado, Aeris Carter, Phyllis Brown, Adore Clark, Debbie McClendon, Ramona Galetto, Sarah Edmondson, Patricia Barta, Matt Gore, Wayne Williams

Beauticians – Christy Crumpler, Rebecca Flores, Alyssa Bayless, Christie Stafford, Rosanna Anderson, Lyndsey Parnell, Makaila Colebrook, Michael Adams, Lisa Colebrook, Emily Polashek, Tamara Balatzar, Beth Castrati, Sequilla Arita

Polishers – Alec Otto, Martin Mejia, Bruce Mahlstadt

Manicurists –

2 Oz Men – TBD

2 Oz Women – TBD

Winkies: Zadok Hines, Ben Sornyota, Tyler Isley, Justin Anderson

Winkie General – Terrence Robins

Monkeys: Danielle Mayo, Cole Smith, Cole WIlliams, Austin Pate, Lilly Murdaugh, Smith Cooper

Nikko (Commander of the Monkeys) – Lili Rodas

Jitterbugs: Anna Brown, Gabriella Carrasquillo, Isabella Houston, Makayla Newcomb, Esmilagro Sanchez, Jordan Therrien, Ashlyn Sexton, Aly Yerkes

Jitterbug (Lead Dancer) – Crystal Hodges