10th Annual Christmas Carol Cast List Announced!

Hi everyone! Here is the cast list for our upcoming 10th Annual production of A Christmas Carol! We are thrilled to be putting this show on, and we know that this talented cast will deliver another magnificent show for everyone in the Wayne County area!

Scrooge- Geoff Hulse
Dickens- Gene McLendon, Keith Parrish, Keith Davis, Sue Nobers, TBA
Cuthbert- Michael Adams
Marley- Luis Blanco
Christmas Past- Hallie Hulse-Evans
Christmas Present- Micheal Corbitt
Christmas Future- Gene McLendon
Bob Cratchit- Stephen Langston
Mrs Cratchit- Linda Sampson
Martha Cratchit-Makayla Sampson
Belinda Cratchit- Mina Platania
Peter Cratchit- David Langston
Young Cratchit 1- Sophia Bean
Young Cratchit 2- Gabby Hawk
Tiny Tim Cratchit- Nolan Sampson
Belle-Raelynn Clark
Fred- Benjamin Sornyota
Sally- TBA
Young Scrooge- Thomas Martin Mejia
Dick Wilkins- Curtis Phillips
Undertaker- Ron Mayo
Old Joe- TBA
Laundress- Anne Merritt
Charwoman- Debbie McLendon
Businesswoman 1- TBA
Businesswoman 2- Mary Ann Wise Martinez
Businesswoman 3- Ericka Richards
Mr Fezziwig- Matt Gore
Mrs. Fezziwig- Tamara Baltazar
Fezziwig Daughters- Julie Ham, Isabelle Howell
Mrs Wilkins- Karen Howell
Charles Wilkins- Brandyn Espinoza
Londoner 1- Adore Clark
Londoner 2- TBA
Charity 1- Wayne Williams
Charity 2- Jennifer Langston
Topper- Tyler Isley
Topper’s Girl- Jasmin Brown
Fezziwig Dancers- Julie Ham, Brandon Espinoza, Jasmine Browm, Tyler Isley, Curtis Phillips, Isabelle Howell, Martin Mejia, Raelynn Clark
Fezziwig Guest- Saquoia Richardson, Dylan Atwood
Student 1- Chloe Langston
Student 2- Lewis Langston
Old James- Wayne Williams
Want- Delila Tyndall
Ignorance- Ethan Tyndall
Youngest Scrooge- Charles Mayo
Younger Scrooge- Cole Williams
Londoners/Townspeople- Karen Parrish, Sandra Evans, Keytah Kermode, TBA
Londoner Children- Eli Ham, Knatehleigh Asbill, Anna Gillis, Maggie Gillis, Rebecca Gillis
Caroler 1- TBA
Caroler 2- Lily Langston
Caroler 3- Isaac Ham
James- TBA
Fan- Lauren Cain