The Crucible Audition Information

Auditions for The Crucible will be held December 18th and 19th at the Wayne County Museum at 6:30, please review the following information about rehearsals. We hope to see you all there!

The Crucible character list
***Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script and a brief improv game. Ages are relative and should not discourage someone from auditioning***
Rehearsals will begin Jan. 2 with a brief meeting Dec. 21 to hand out scripts

John Proctor (30s and 40s) – A hard-working farmer who lives a few miles outside of town with his wife Elizabeth and their children. Stern and pragmatic, a person who despises hypocrisy yet holds a secret that threatens to dishonor his name.
Abigail Williams (Late teens, early 20s) – Abigail is Rev. Parris’ niece and former house servant to The Proctors. Highly intelligent, wily, a world-class liar and not afraid to risk everything to have her ends met.
Rev. John Hale (30s and 40s) – A minister reputed to be an expert on witchcraft, he is sent for by Rev. Parris to examine his daughter Betty. He himself hopes to bring a calm and a Godly resolution to Salem, but manages to set hysteria into motion. Bookish, pretentious yet naïve, and later deeply regretful.
Elizabeth Proctor (30s and 40s) – John Proctor’s wife, she turned out Abigail when she displeased her. Hard-working and virtuous, but often cold.
Rev. Samuel Parris (40s and 50s) – The minister of Salem Church. Paranoid and power hungry, he is more concerned with building his position in the community than in the work of the church.
Rebecca Nurse (late 50s-early 70s) – Wise, sensible and upright woman. Wife to Francis Nurse and is held in high-regard by the community.
Francis Nurse (late 50s-early 70s) – An influential member of the Salem community and one of the wealthiest. Enemy of Thomas Putnam.
Deputy Governor Judge Danforth (late 30s – 70s) – Presiding judge at the Salem Witch Trials. In his own mind he is honest and with scruples. Utterly convinced of his task of rooting out witchcraft.
Giles Corey (50-70) – an elderly but feisty farmer in Salem, famous for his tendency to file lawsuits. Indivertibly condemns his wife Martha and he himself is destined for a harsh fate.
Thomas Putnam (early 40s – late 50s) A wealthy member of the Salem community, holds political grudges against Francis Nurse and others. He uses the trials to further his own wealth by purchasing up the accused’s land.
Ann Putnam (early 40s – late 50s) Thomas Putnam’s wife, she has given birth to eight children but only Ruth Putnam survived. This has made her hard and withered.
Mary Warren (14-25) – A reluctant member of Abigail’s conspiracy. Currently working for the Proctors.
Tituba (no set age) – A slave from Barbados, fluent in black magic.
Betty Parris (6-12) – Rev. Parris’ daughter who after being caught performing witchcraft comes down with a mysterious illness that is baffling the town.
Susanna Wallcott (14-25) – soft-spoken and a member of Abigail’s conspiracy.
Mercy Lewis (14-25) – Cruel and of dubious character, one of the members of Abigail’s conspiracy.
Sarah Good (25-45) a woman with ill-repute in Salem who is accused of witchcraft.
Judge Hathorne (60-75) – A local judge who presides over the witch trials with Danforth
Ezekiel Cheever (22-55) – Clerk of court; steadfast in his duty.
John Willard (22-55) – Town marshal